Image tagger/plotter – The idea

So this is a little idea I’ve had, we’ve all seen that cool thing on Facebook where you can tag your friends’ faces. I decided I fancy giving this a go.

It can’t be that difficult to get something like this working, it’s just a case of knitting together some HTML, CSS, JavaScript and something on the back end (in this case, C#).

I don’t think it would be that difficult to make, so obviously I’m going to complicate it a bit. I like the idea of creating this in such a way that it’s easily re-usable.

At the end of the day you need a few things:

  • a path to return a list of tags (this could be a simple .txt path or some cool php/c#)
  • a page to handle post data containing new tags
  • something cool to join all of this together dependant on the image you’re displaying

Who knows, this could be a nice little tool/plugin!

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