Image Plotter – The Prototype

A working example, that’s what we like!

I’ve been working on this and fine tuning it a bit, it’s surprising how much tweaking I had to make to get the thing working properly. Initially I’ve just got one picture of a nice car, just for testing really.

Once I’ve gone through it and ironed out any issues, I can look at breaking the code up a bit and adding some settings to make it a little more dynamic. I like the idea of not tying it down to a specific language in the back end, if the JS could just be given a URL of a page that will accept it’s requests and respond with the right information, everyone’s happy.

So, here’s the little working example:

Please don’t put rubbish stuff in there!

Also, I did think about giving the ability to edit and delete tags. It sounds obvious really but for the amount of work it would take, it might make things much less simple!

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