IP Tracing

This must be the most searched thing on the internet if you’re a rookie internut and you’re learning about networking. Finding IP addresses can be tied to locations is awesome, when they’re not dynamic and the result you get is actually in the right continent for starters…

Anyway, apparently there’s a company called ‘ip2location’ and they have an API where you can send them an IP to trace!

They cover quite a few languages too: http://www.ip2location.com/developers#free_open_source

We use this kind of thing quite a lot in web applications where we need to be able to predetermine a users location.

I’ve thrown together an example in PHP that queries your IP and plots it on a Google map, check it out: http://www.greynet.co.uk/ip

You can download ZIP if you liek: Click Here


p.s. I’m popping this one in ‘Software’ too seeing as you could use it for desktop applications!